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Hi. My name is Jonathan Kirkland, known online as Red. I have extensive experience as a designer, programmer, and team lead, on both desktop applications and the web, with a strong focus on user experience and solidly architected frameworks. This is my passion, and it's been my career since 1996. I am comfortable and highly effective working with small start-ups, large corporations, or independently.


Henchies is a deeply strategic, online card game playable in any modern browser, both desktop and mobile. Frontend uses HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery; backend is PHP and MySQL. Henchies is built on a scalable platform capable of running multiple card games, and the card design tools themselves are also browser-based. Using a turn-based system and a free-to-play model that doesn't encourage pay-to-win, it's aimed at serious gamers with casual availability.

SWAT: Aftermath

Swat is a cooperative zombie survival game built using Warcraft III's world editor and played within Blizzard's Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne game client. Played by thousands and thousands of gamers (in its heyday), it's incredibly fun and addictive, offering an unparalleled hundreds of hours of replayability thanks to extensive hero customization, team combinations, numerous difficulty modes that go far beyond simple number scaling, and a variety of enemy AIs.


I have an in-depth familiarity with Apple's OS X and iOS, Microsoft's Windows, Google's Android, and the web/cloud in general. My programming background is primarily Windows and web, both the client and server side of things as well as the services in between.



Currently, I'm an independent game developer, pioneering a new approach to monetizing the free-to-play model in an online game. I spent the decade prior to this venture working at Intuit where I developed numerous customer-facing web applications, desktop applications, server-side frameworks, and internal best practices, all while creating computer games in my free time. I worked at a couple much smaller companies earlier in my career, Adconmark, Inc. and Ensoft, Inc.


  • JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS, Ajax, JSON, PHP, SQL, XML, Java, C#, .NET, Delphi, Objective C, Flex, ActionScript, C++
  • JetBrains, Eclipse, Delphi, Xcode, Visual Studio, cPanel, Perforce


I am happily married and father to two trouble-making toddlers. When I'm not giving them attention, I enjoy making and playing games, watching movies, and working out. I also love a good tech debate.