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Root » SWAT: Aftermath » Patch 1.29 Fix

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I'm sure most people have noticed by now that WC3 Patch 1.29 broke SWAT (it won't load anymore). Does anyone have an idea on when it will be fixed? Thanks! Hi!

I have had a super big project at work, and was busy Sad

I am working on it this week a little bit. I got the game to launch, however, there is a bunch of bugs that I need to fix now. I'll have to play test and fix everything...

Just from 2 minutes of playing:
- Tor's don't drain you
- Tor droids attack instantly
- Zombies attack rads/boxes

I'm going to try and fix this week...depends on how many game breaking bugs there are... Thanks Teller! How did you get it to run?

I'm really surprised that this patch broke so much. The patch notes sure don't make it look like it would cause all these problems (it was mostly adding widescreen support and balancing heroes).

Let the community know if you need help play-testing. It could be 2 different things. There were 3 syntax errors in the code that were previously not called out by the syntax checker in 1.28 and prior. (All very old code too, some dating back to redscull.) They would be considered "warnings" in any other coding language in my opinion, however, 1.29 is apparently more stringent.

The other possibility is that just resaving the map in the 1.29 editor fixed the launching issue. I'm thinking it's more to do with the first option though.

I'm wondering if the changes have to do with how neutral units are treated or something. Someone mentioned something about having to move Players 13 and 14 to 23/24 or something? I haven't had time to look into it yet with work and life and stuff...

Feel free to join the Swat: AM Discord channel. I have a test version of the map linked in the Announcements thread that you can play test and report any bugs.

Thanks for being part of the community! Thanks for releasing this version to test!

I just did a few rounds to see what bugs I could find. It actually seems like almost everything that was broken was because of the change to 24 allowable players. It seems to have messed up ally/neutral/enemy designations. Maybe just check the Ally Priorities tool and see what changed?

Tors are now seen as enemies, and that's why you can't drain from them. Rads and crates are also seen as enemies (both to the player and the zombies). One fun thing I observed: temporal avatars can now attack rads and crates! I like this feature, can we keep it?? Cool

Players and zombies see the tor repair droids as neutral (they won't auto-attack them even if the droid is attacking them), but the repair droids see both players and zombies as enemies (will auto-attack them). I also confirmed that they will always attack right away. I'm guessing there is a trigger somewhere in the code that changes them from neutral towards you to seeing you as high priority after a certain time of draining, but they're just pre-set to seeing you as a high priority threat now.

Civs work normally; I didn't find anything broken with them. Zombies will still auto-attack civs and APCs if they can.

I gotta say, it's pretty nice to see rads go down near zero within the first minute or two with no effort! It's actually probably a good thing that tors don't work right now - no worries that people will be able to use this exploit to get undeserved ranks. I released P180206_v3 for testing.

The issue was how Vex's Optimizer replaces constants inline. The constants for Neutral Units were being hard-coded to Players 13-16. Now that they added new players, all the Neutral Units are Players 25-28.

There is an ignore feature of Vex's Optimizer where you can ignore certain constants from being replaced, so I put in all the Player Neutral constants and that seems to have fixed it.

If no bugs are round with this test release, I release an official version in the near future with a new version number (i.e. P180508) Hello, latest version doesn't seem to be 1.29 compatible.

Map loads fine but the issue with neutral units doesn't seem to be resolved. Instead the should-be-neutrals are considered hostile, most likely because they're still mapped to 13-14 (=> players) instead of the new neutral value.
In short it behaves like the latest commit from Teller isn't part of the actual map.

Actual ingame symptom : zombies attack radiations, thors can't be filled (nay).
Effect is visible immediatly upon hero selection in easy modes (hostile thors)

War3 version : latest version ( and tried a couple of repairs/reinstalls/etc just to be sure.
Map version : latest available as far as i can tell : 180510. Tried to get it from a few locations (pinned topic included) in case one of them was the right one but no dice.

I don't mind getting my hands dirty if help is needed to fix it. I understand the community is rather short-handed these days, but in my opinion the war3 version has some nice features over swat reborn.
I know in the past (we're talking over 10 years ago) any mention of opening the map was redscullhammered violently, but at this point I really don't see the harm. Even the sensitive bits have been reverse engineered (decompression + study of the jass), let's not kid ourselves it only took me a few days to do so back then up to working code generator (through excel sheets Whatever), and a few minutes to google it right now. Hello Borg,

Welcome to the forums!

I am going to try to put out another "official version" fix today. There is an unofficial beta version out there that works "P180206_v3" currently. You can dl it from the announcement thread in the Discord channel. ( Thanks for the quick reply. Not entirely new here, just haven't been active in so long i can't remember my own login Whatever

Anyway, thanks for the map + link to discord. Looks like the one you released earlier today is indeed fixing everything ! Version number is a bit confusing but i can work with that Smile

Thanks again Grin You are welcome!

Yeah, version number is confusing because I had already built a 511 version, just never finished compiling it.

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Root » SWAT: Aftermath » Patch 1.29 Fix
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