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Since Alex (Teller55) doesn't check discord anymore, I figured I'd post here in the hopes that he sees it Big Smile

Well, once again Blizzard broke SWAT with their latest patch (1.31). It just crashes and won't load. Apparently the World Editor is also broken, so there's no opportunity to go in there and fix it either. Blizzard is expected to fix the World Editor soon, but we need our developer back to fix whatever broke in the SWAT map (or pass the files on to someone else in the community so they can update it).

In the meantime people are using 3rd-party tools to run older versions of WC3 so we can still play SWAT, but obviously that is not an ideal solution. Let me know when they fix World Editor and I'll try to find some time to take a look into what might have broken it. Work and life has been just so busy lately. I just happened to randomly check the forum on a whim and saw this Smile

Thanks! Hey,

Actually, did they fix it? I just tried to start a game and it started at least.

Though it looks like they released a new version 1 day after your post.

I tried on released Jun 5 2019 19:00:29.

Let me know! Yes the latest version does at least load the map. There are definitely bugs, but nothing game-breaking. Come back to play!
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Root » SWAT: Aftermath » WC3 Version 1.31
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