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Root » Open Discussion » The Red Solstice - Trailer - NOTD/SWAT/DOTD PC game

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The Red Solstice is multiplayer cooperative game for 8 players based on NOTD/SWAT/DOTD custom maps of Warcraft 3.

Recently i posted about our multiplayer trailer Smile

Now i'am posting about our singleplayer trailer Smile - website Smile

Have fun! Smile
If someone can make this thread permanent, somehow? Big SmileRank - Senior OfficerDone. Still anticipating the official release. Why must we wait so long? @Syrus
Happy to see the walking AND shooting. I never quite liked having to either choose to walk or choose to shoot. @LimeyMan

Because we want that when you start playing this game, you forget everything else :p We want it to be prefect!

Yes this gives some new tactics Smile

Thanx for creating poll!

Did anyone play Cannon Fodder or Syndicate Wars, i'am exploring the posiblity of having that kind of squad type leading in singleplayer. I personaly loved those kind of games.. what you guys think? I'm on the fence about it. top-down zombie games tend to be crap.
One thing I realy hate about them is there stiff and sluggesh controls. judging from the trailors that has not changed.

Theres alot of small and big things I see in the trailors I dont like.

typing out this post has made me realize im not on the no side of the fence. but that could easly change. the more i see it the more i dont like it. at first it seemed like an actual swat team base, but the single player looks like a version of interactive slow pong There should be some sort of penalty for moving and shooting. Generally you move slower.

Also games that implement moving while shooting have more difficult mobs to make up for the ability to run away while dealing damage. thats why i kinda didnt like borderlands vs melee people. all u do is backup still firing. that seemed like all this game was Have your doubts as long as you wish, this game is all about multiplayer, not singleplayer Smile

Penalties? How about, penalty while carrying different type of weapons + penalty while shooting? If that is not enough we can go with per class penalty to use each weapon to it's fullest potential.

Yes we thought of stuff like that way before Smile Creating a perfect tactical game is about mastering control of your penalties while having fun in the process.

P.S. It's true most top down's are .. well simple.., reason why i played notd so much, and reason this game is coming. Any more questions? Smile yes. why are your smileys perfectly diagonal? My guess is because your screen width is really small and it makes that bottom line wrap. OMG, All of Syrus's similes are co-linear with another smiley.

CONSPIRACY! Omg, they're coplanar Smooch Idk, the whole thing just feels slow, like I'd be spending most of my time just watching.
Will you play this game when it comes to fruition?
 17%  [ 6 ]
 8%  [ 3 ]
 47%  [ 16 ]
I hate my life, that's why I don't play SWAT anymore, why would I play this game?
 26%  [ 9 ]
Total Votes : 34
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Root » Open Discussion » The Red Solstice - Trailer - NOTD/SWAT/DOTD PC game
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