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Expressionator 2.3b (423 KB - Jan 17, 2002) features
by Redscull Interactive
A very powerful and feature-reach expression calculator. Input is a single variable expression; output is the evaluated expression with 18 significant digits and 80bit precision. The input operands may even contain unit specifications and the result will be a correct converted unit. All previously entered expressions and evaluations remain visible in a scrolling list. Expressionator also supports many built-in functions and some constants, as well as all common operators. Readme contains detailed instructions on most calculator features.

Guild Wars Damage Calculator (244 KB - February 5, 2007)
by Redscull Interactive
This simple application lets you quickly see the effects on damage output for the specified armor and weapon values and mods.

D.S. Ultimate Power-Leveler 1.3a (458 KB - May 7, 2002) features
by Redscull Interactive
The Dungeon Siege Ultimate Power-Leveler allows you to increase a hero's skills legitimately (ie using the game's experience formulas). You can also use it to change a hero's name, model, portrait, and gold. This tool is useful for people who wish to plan a new character or [quickly] catch up to friends who have gotten a few levels ahead. It can also be used by modders to make realistic characters for testing their creations. Brought to you with an excellent interface.

EQ Colors (436 KB - November 17, 2000)
by Redscull Interactive
An easy-to-use program that will let you preview and set the custom text colors used in the game EverQuest (not endorsed by EverQuest). You can see what the colors you choose will look like on the backgrounds in the game using the built-in backdrops and screenshot, or load a screenshot of your own. This program is customizable so that it can be used to update any new custom colors added to the EQ ini file in the future.

WinUnits (265 KB - May 29, 1998)
by Red for Ensoft, Inc.
WinUnits is a very easy to use unit (measurement) conversion utility designed for Windows 95/NT. The registered version has over 30 categories (Length, Time, Currency, etc.) with over 500 different units (meters, feet, gallons, liters, etc.)! In addition to more pre-installed units than you'll find in other conversion program, this one lets you seemlessly add categories and untis of your own. I highly recommend this program for anyone who's ever needed to convert something (particularly for help with school stuff).

Color Processor (399 KB - December 15, 2000)
by Redscull Interactive
Select a color in one of four ways: type the hex into the input box, type the hex for multiple colors combined with + into the input box, pick from the color dialog, or pick from the screen. The program will show you the decimal, hex, html, and component values for the color.

Time-Clock (245 KB - May 12, 1998)
by Redscull Interactive
This program runs a clock and simulates a card punch machine for checking in and out of work (or any other logged task). It can show a log summary and print the detailed log statistics (with total logged time). While it is meant to log only one task at a time, it can be used to manage an unlimited number of records.

Everything here is being legally distributed, but some stuff may be shareware programs that require you to register if you want to use them past a certain number of days.