SWAT vs Resident Evil
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Download: Version 1.7.1 (659 KB - Jun 18, 2004) MAP
Overview: Cooperative map against waves of computer-controlled enemies. Teamwork is essential as is using each class's strengths to their fullest. Enemies are numerous and extremely dangerous, resulting in non-stop and intense action.
Players: 1-9 Normal, 3-9 Hard, 7-9 Insane
Story: Something went terribly wrong in The Hive, an illegal research center underneath Raccoon City. With no word from their perimeter personnel, Umbrella Corp. responded by sending a team of elite forces to investigate, but its status is unknown. All are presumed dead.

New reports revealed the cause of the catastrophe was an attempt to steal an experimental virus from the complex, but sources indicate no samples made it out of the city. The virus, which animates the dead with a thirst for living flesh, breached containment and started spreading at an alarming rate. The growing horde of undead threatens to break the hastily constructed quarantine around Raccoon City.

As members of S.W.A.T., you and your squad represent the city's last hope to overcome this disaster. You must recover the stolen virus sample vials as well as find the rumored antidote formula. You also must aid panicked citizens in reaching designated shelters. Your task will not be easy; swarms of zombies are already headed toward S.W.A.T. Headquarters...

Do you want to know the fate of Raccoon City?info
SWAT Officer
  • Multiple difficulty levels scale every aspect of the game
  • Thorough use of randomization ensures a new experience every time
  • Three victory objectives encourage aggressive, explorative play
  • Over twenty miniquests with special rewards, including secret characters
  • Seven+ balanced classes to choose from, each filling important roles
  • New hero system means levels and attributes affect gameplay differently
  • Variety of custom-triggered abilities, all based on sci-fi technology
  • Many balanced items, both common and rare, to find and use
  • Very challenging gameplay requires teamwork, micromanagement, and strategy
  • Voting system allows players to kick teamkillers and laggers
  • Map is professionally polished and endured extensive play-testing
  • Tips:
    The more players, the better. The experience penalty for having more players is minimal, and rewards are always divided equally to everyone in the game. More guns firing means more zombies dying.
    Stay together. Any single unit can kill incoming zombies, but if you're alone when a large pack comes at you, you're dead. Also, many classes' skills boost the effectiveness of nearby allies. Note that you may find it advantageous to allow one Covert Op. to scout.
    Use your skills. When you select a class, read the descriptions for your six skills, think about what situations would benefit from them, and then use them in those situations. Each class has a well-defined and significant role that you should strive to fulfill.
    Keep moving. The undead home in on your general location. If you stand in one spot too long, you'll have them coming in from all directions. You'll also want the items scattered across the map as well as the rewards for completing quests. And remember not to linger inside buildings.. very dangerous.
    Don't run from the boss. He's big, scary, and can often kill you in one hit, but he will chase you down and kill you all if you don't stand-fast and put him down quickly. Distract him with expendable units like Policemen, Mini Droids, or even citizens if necessary.
    Vote for Normal. Don't vote for Hard or Insane difficulty unless you've beaten Normal. Your teammates should be equally experienced if you expect to win the harder difficulty modes; simply having nine players is not enough. Winning Hard requires a lot of skill and cooperation. Winning Insane requires a team of expert players with a planned strategy.
    Increased chance of selecting the Cyborg class.
    New code available in multiplayer.
    -kick Displays information about voting to kick a player out of the game.
    Added new SWAT class, the Cyborg.
    Added ability allowing Covert Op. to open crates covertly.
    Added flamethrower to Officer class.
    Improved assault rifle splash damage.
    Increased chaingun damage.
    Improved Plasma Rounds.
    Rebalanced Plasma Shield.
    Reduced energy cost of MIRV.
    Improved Mend Wounds skill.
    Added Police Dog to Police Station.
    Added new rare cybernetic implant.
    Improved Love Potion quest reward item.
    Added supply for initial policemen in 1 & 2 player games.
    Added ability to initially select a random class.
    Added message and ping when NPC building found.
    Reorganized hotkeys for consistency.
    Spending command points now increases difficulty.
    Added new toxic zombies and rats.
    Made Umbrella Soldiers easier to kill.
    Fixed bug where a player sometimes could not select a class.
    Fixed bug where a player couldn't gain experience.
    Fixed bug where non-zombies were flaming/exploding.
    Fixed hotspots not working when no cinematic (introduced in 1.6).
    Changed vial's model to one created by Xazuki.

    Increased maximum level for SWAT heros.
    Overall reduction in game difficulty as a result of increased experience gain rate.
    Added a couple new miniquests with special item rewards.
    Added two new zombie variations (flaming & exploding) to enhance their threat.
    In-game cinematics no longer play in multiplayer Hard and Insane games.
    Critical Shot maximum level increased to 10 for Snipers and reduced to 8 for others.
    Balanced Keg of Juice by reducing charges and effect.
    Removed mob frenzy from bosses.
    Fixed exploit which allowed Plasma Grenade and MIRV to be rapid-cast (introduced in 1.0).
    Fixed Aim not synchronized at 100% chance for the indicated length (introduced in 1.5).
    Fixed Solar Battery cooldown group.
    Fixed unactivated LAD trying to use Energy Beam on enemies with energy.
    Implemented several performance tweaks.
    Made minor terrain changes.
    New debug code made available in single-player.
    -level Increases selected hero's level.

    Added almost twenty new random miniquests.
    Added many new items as miniquest rewards.
    Added new secret characters.
    Aim skill improved: reduced speed penalty, greater initial duration, lower max duration, lower min cooldown.
    Critical Shot skill on Covert Op., [Sniper] Officer, and [Sniper] Policemen changed: less damage, more chance.
    Pep Talk area of effect increased slightly.
    Cyber-Net item improved.
    Auto-use of batteries is now completely passive.
    Warning sound plays on abom sighting.
    Added sound fx and message when using Civ Locator.
    Spacebar now moves camera to last important notification.
    Game difficulty now increases with time in additon to all previous scaling factors (such as player levels).
    Alice's move speed decreased, but it now increases as she levels.
    Adult citizens can be infected when slain by undead.
    Reduced "promotion-lag" on faster computers.
    Tons of internal tweaks and some bug fixes.
    Debug codes made available in single-player.
    -advnanites Replace hero's Nanites skill with Adv. Nanites.
    -weather Force a call to the weather randomizer.
    -zoomout Move the camera to a higher viewpoint.
    -zoomin Restore the camera to the default.

    Abominations spawn more frequently once Formula and Civ quests completed.
    Chance to spawn Alice improved (now 83.3% Normal, 66.7% Hard, 50% Insane).
    Minor cosmetic changes.
    Attempt to fix occassional Mini Droid missing timer (introduced in 1.4).
    Added Civ. Locator service to Police Station.
    Fixed minor 1.4 bug where winning Normal never ended game.
    Added new class to fill scout/recon role.
    Victory cinematics added.
    Added doodads and improved weather to enhance the atmosphere.
    Added three new items.
    Vials/Civs quests update status to reflect current count.
    Made contraptions tougher.
    Reduced experience on Hard and Insane by 10%.
    Monsters levelup a little more frequently.
    Monsters slain by an aiming sniper will not reanimate.
    Satellite imaging available from Police Station and Armsdealer.
    Custom skin to make Alice look like Alice from the movie!
    Policemen can be infected when slain by undead.
    Several small user interface tweaks.

    Fixed a minor Revive bug introduced in 1.3.
    Removed debug items accidentily left in in the briefly available 1.3.
    Added Large Assault Droid hero as an optional quest.
    Greatly increased chance that Alice spawns.
    Batteries automatically used if energy drops below 250.
    Nanites turn back on after promotions and equipping power armor.
    C4 can now be group-detonated.
    New icons where needed to lessen confusion.
    Less monsters spawn on Hard and Insane.
    Added special encounters for the antidote formula.
    Hero corpses revealed through fog of war on Normal and Hard.
    Increased Arms Dealer spawn chance on Normal and Hard.
    Improved Man (much more damage).
    Plasma Shield no longer hurts citizens.

    Renamed difficulty levels to Normal, Hard, and Insane.
    Slightly increased experience gain on Hard and Insane.
    Completely new monster spawning algorithm keeps action intense and prevents problem where computer was sometimes overloaded with too many units, causing all monsters to stutter or stop.
    Added Alice as a secret hero. She is guaranteed to be in HQ if you play Normal by yourself.
    Officer class can now custom-select his armor and weapon.
    Added new Arms Dealer building type.
    Added minimap icons for found buildings.
    Improved Rocket Launcher slightly.
    Improved Mend Wounds skill.
    Reduced penalties of Aim skill.
    More info displayed when Commander/Medic get promoted.
    Improved Man (faster and more damage).
    Reduced energy drain of Cloaking Device item.

    Increased rocket damage vs bosses.
    Decreased undead spawn rate on normal and hard difficulties.
    Increased chance for certain building types to appear.

    Initial official release. Followed eight public release candidates and countless private beta versions.

    SWAT is a downloadable custom map for Warcraft III: TFT (war3), made by Red of Redscull.