D.S. Ultimate Power-Leveler Help 1.3


    The Ultimate Power-Leveler allows you to increase a hero's skills legitimately (ie using the game's experience formulas). It will not let you hack your skills or stats directly (that is actually much easier to do with a text editor). You manipulate the skill-sliders to simulate gaining experience.
    This tool is useful for people who wish to plan a new character or [quickly] catch up to friends who have gotten a few levels ahead. It can also be used by modders to make realistic characters for testing their creations.
    DSUPL.exe runs out of the folder you copied it to. It stores DSUPL.ini in the same folder. No registry entries are made. Estankex.dll (included in the zip) must be placed in that same folder for importing. RTC.exe (www.game-editing.net) is needed for exporting.
    This program is freeware. It is fully functional and will never time-out, but there is no support or promise of future updates.
    This program may be freely distributed so long as it is not modified in any way. Ultimate Power-Leveler may not be sold by any parties other than Redscull Interactive. This program may not be included on any form of Shareware bundle unless the retail cost of this package is no more than the cost of the media. Simply put, this program may not be included in any bundle which is sold for profit.
    This program is made by Jonathan Kirkland. Any questions may be directed to Lordred@Redscull.com. Also, see my web page at www.redscull.com.
    The included DLL is made by EarthStar, who's efforts are greatly appreciated.


Increase Skill Experience Slide the experience bars for melee, ranged, nature, and combat to gain experience in those skills. Strength, dexterity, and intelligence will gain experience accordingly.
Rename Hero Easily rename your hero.
Change Player Model Select from the standard models (farmboy, farmgirl, dwarf, skeleton).
Change Portrait You can pick a new portait for your hero. Portraits are 24bit bitmap files sized 64x64, but only the topmost 46 and leftmost 38 pixels are shown.
Edit Gold Change how much gold your hero carries. This tool allows you to set a value up to 999,999,999. Be warned that after the hero's first in-game transaction, gold in excess of max capacity will fall to the ground.
Reset Hero This feature allows you to reset all your hero's skills and stats (ie start over). This is not recommended unless you really want to re-level your hero differently.
Create New Heros You don't have to open a previsouly saved hero to begin power-leveling. Create a new hero from within the tool.


  1. File|Import a multiplayer hero from the game's save directory.
  2. Increase skill experience or edit name, etc.
  3. To use your modified hero in the game, select File|Export to send your hero to your savegame directory. Ultimate Power-Leveler needs RapidTankCreator (www.game-editing.net) to perform this operation. It will prompt you for its location.


This tool was designed to work only with multiplayer heros. Do not try to open the contents of a singleplayer savegame.

A hero's items and equipment are not affected by editing the hero in this tool. Only the editable data is written back to the files.

This is not a character hacking tool. You cannot use this tool to build an illegitimate hero. Any hero you create with this tool could have been made by playing the game. Of course that takes a lot longer!

If the hero uses a model other than the default choices, it will remain intact (assuming you don't change the model) when you export/save. If you do change the model, you will have no way to reselect the custom model (except for reloading the hero from disk).

Other players cannot see your portrait. They always see a default image based on your player model.

If you can't see your custom portrait, make sure it saved 12KB in size (64x64 pixels, 24bit color, bitmap format). A 16KB file means it saved with 32bit color (not compatible with game).

If you screw up the ini file (which can affect some functions in the tool such as default model skins), just delete it. The next time the tool runs, it will create it with all the default data.

Changes to a hero must be successfully saved before it can be exported.

This tool was programmed to work with Dungeon Siege 1.0 (initial release). Experience formulas, model names, default skins, etc. are not loaded dynamically from the game's tank files. Thus this tool may not work correctly with new versions of the game.


  • Import feature added (requires the new DLL). Now characters can be imported directly from the dsparty files without using another tool.
  • File|Open and File|Save are now accessible only if Help|Advanced is checked. Most users should not need to manually select extraction folders for hero files.
  • By popular demand, a level-down button was added for quickly decreasing the current exp delta.
  • Fixed health/mana bar not refreshing after resetting to farmer status.
  • Fixed misspellings in some hero classifications.
  • Fixed memory leak in the Help|About box.
  • Export now uses a temp folder automatically for UNC paths since RTC.exe will not work with UNC paths. This should make exporting effortless, especially for those users who had to set up mapped drives to get it to work previously.
  • [1.3a] Fixed bug where I was ignoring experience gained by using bare fists to gain experience. Characters which gained experience using unarmed melee before being loaded into this tool (pre 1.3a) were exported with decreased uber exp, but stats were not decreased. Thus those characters have more stat points than should be possible for their level. Characters which never gained exp through unarmed melee are unaffected.
  • No changes were made to the way skills/stats/experience are calculated, but revision a did alter the way uber experience is loaded (to preserve exp gained from unarmed melee).
  • previous version's help


You are at your own risk. Jonathan Kirkland can not be held liable for anything that happens to your computer or your files. You should always backup your savegame files before edtiting them with any tool.

Let me know, please, at Lordred@Redscull.com.

No promises that they'll be implemented (or even considered if time is scarce), but you're welcome to send them.